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    [XD] Conversation Monitor 1.0.2 released

    Can it be every keyword in a field with an option to fuzzy or not? It will greatly help us to filter down.
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    [XD] Conversation Monitor 1.0.2 released

    I wonder did you get it hid, Disabling monitor external link does not work. selecting just certain usernames also dont seems to work well. I have to disable it as I got thousands of post notifications with external links.
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    1.0.0 Release

    ErrorException: Job XemDev\ConversationMonitor:ConversationMonitor: [E_WARNING] strpos(): Empty needle src/addons/XemDev/ConversationMonitor/Check/KeywordsCheck.php:41 Generated by: Unknown account Mar 6, 2021 at 12:15 AM Stack trace #0 [internal function]: XF::handlePhpError(2, '[E_WARNING]...