[XD] Conversation Monitor

[XD] Conversation Monitor 1.0.2

Release date
Last update
Initial support
12 months
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Feature summary

  • Automated conversation monitoring
  • Keyword alerts
  • External link alerts
  • Sender alerts

Product details

This addon posts a new reply in a specified thread when a conversation message contains specific keywords or external links, or when it is sent by a specific person.

The scanning takes place in a background job that, by default, runs every half hour.

With default keyword matching, the entire keyword has to exist in the message, but the match is case-insensitive. For instance, if the keyword is "doggy", it will only match if the message contains exactly "doggy" somewhere (other characters can be in front or behind it).

With fuzzy keyword matching, the matching is also case-insensitive, but it also strips all spaces and special characters before doing the lookup. So if the keyword is "doggy" and the message contains "doggy" or "do! g.#y", it will match.
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